Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I

So today sucks,  nay this week sucks.  I started this post and was finishing it up when I fucking fat fingered something *POOF


So here we go, take 2...only shortened and condensed.

Stuff sucks and I can't find the words to express that articulately.  Well, at least not one that requires a lot of F bombs, gesticulating and all the other things that I am starting to see my son do.  To me.  Karma's a bitch and will get you in your own progeny.

So anyways here are some things to make me happy....

I love Dave Matthews Band, whole heartedly.  Do you see this man's fingers??!  They are the music of my soul.  Adding Tim Reynolds is like chocolate sauce.  On my soul.

Also, this little ditty has shown up on VH1 lately but that makes me feel old.  So instead I "discovered" this that makes me wanna do little dances.  Like I'm 8 and I think I'm in the ballet.  Also, can't tell if this guy sounds like Peter Gabrielle or Sting. 

oh and I'm so listening to this while I finish up this post.  Pray that it works cuz take three can sound like this.

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