Thursday, March 29, 2012


So playing around the Internet (read YouTube) I found this and I am so excited!

Why would I be so excited?  See that drummer back there?  I know him!  He was my neighbor back when we were wee and innocent and our only concern was if his mom was gonna get mad at us for squashing mulberries with our feet and making a mess.  He was my second favorite person to play with as a child.  First goes to my middle sister.  We played  He-Man but never She-Ra cuz she wasn't the right size (what was up with that Mattel?).  We played Hot Wheels on the rug/blanket thing his aunt made him that was a little city and the Hot Wheels Car Wash. We went camping in his back yard and "fished" in the street that separated our houses.  We played Barbies at my house and he cried every time he had to go home.  I am so excited and proud that all these years later he is still playing.  

PS...I think the possibly drunk blond "dancing" around the second video is his wife.

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