Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday Batman!

So today is Maudy Thursday, or Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday and Thursday of Mysteries.  Its basically commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus.  For those who gave up ice cream and soda for Lent, this is also count down to Root Beer Floats on Easter.  Its a high holy day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Set Backs and Theories

There is a good chance I jinxed the potty-training when I so wantonly bragged about The Boy's progress in that area.  This past Sunday morning we went through 3 pairs of super hero underwear and the last remaining clean pants and/or shorts in the house.  This was before noon. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spew forth from my loins

When I was younger, foolish and filled with anger and opinions, I was adamant that I did not want someone calling me baby. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

End of a hiatus puncuated by poop

So where have I been?  Well, you know that thing that we all struggle to get through?  Life?  Well it reared its ugly head and demanded attention.  But now I’m backed and armed with great stories! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing catch up

I know its been a while and I am very sorry about that.  Things have just, well, gotten busy and crazy and stressful and good and bad and all the other stuff.  But here are some highlights that have been going on.

1. Big Boy Bed - that's right we got The Boy in a big boy bed.  We went the route where we left his crib bed (without the side so its not really a crib nor a bed) in the room set up as normal in case he wasn't ready for the new bed.  But from the moment we put bedding (that he picked out) on it he has been sleeping in his bed.  This weekend we will probably break down the crib (sniff and wipe tear) and set up his room.  I will then post pictures and everything. 

2. Potty-training - My baby who could careless about the underwear or the potty or anything like that a few weeks ago now stands up to pee and requests "panties".  Granted he needs a step stool and some times its easier to sit, but my baby is becoming a big boy and its happening so quickly.  Luckily, he still shits his pants like an infant so there's that. 

3. Work - holy hell its been rough few weeks.  When I'm done with this deadline I will reflect and hopefully have some lessons-learned, but until then I keep taking hits like a champ and counting down the days. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Family - My cousin and his family were in town recently.  It was kind of an unexpected visit and it was good.  Really Good.  It makes me wish we had more family around.  But like my cousin said in response to the begging to extend their stay and be with family, it makes the time together that much more special when we don't spend that much time together.  Touche.

5. We had an anniversary.  Juanito and me.  Seven years as man and wife and like 10 or something living together.  We are both looking forward to our seven year itch and trading up.

6. Crazy-ass weather.  I know I don't really have a fine appreciation for winter weather living in Arizona and all but seriously the whole climate-change thing is real and taking place here in the Valley of the Sun.  We had snow and rain and freezing temperatures and 90 degree weather all in like 3 weeks.  Anyways, just thought I would point that out.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Warning: Bodily Functions Ahead

When will I learn my lesson?  Leftovers are a vicious circle in our house.  I've tried tobe better but I always end up making too much food.  We enevitably have leftovers.  We store them in plastic bowls and whatnots with the intention of eating it later.  But later never happens.