Monday, March 26, 2012

Fishing Stories

Juanito came into the house yesterday afternoon and dropped a bunch of quarters into my hand.  A dollar to be exact.  “Here, I fished these out of your tape player.”  The Boy has been caught on a occasion quickly shoveling coins into the tape player of my car.  I feel like my car sounds old that she has a tape player but she isn’t.  And in her defense I only listen to the Best of the Mamas and the Papas in there.  Nonetheless, my husband took ginormo tweezers and pulled out what he could. 

I went outside yesterday evening to find Juanito and The Boy practice fishing into the cul-de-sac (sans fish hooks of course).  It was one of the most endearing sights and made me wish, yet again, that I had a good camera that would capture the purity of this sight.  I watched as they practiced their casts and then The Boy was a “fish” that Juanito “caught.”  I went back in and to continue cleaning and preparing dinner.  Pretty soon I hear crying and then “Get a towel!”  My first thought was busted tooth which is my complete fear that he will break off a tooth.  I shiver at the simple thought.  Anyways Juanito comes in with The Boy who is bleeding profusely from the back of his head.  Apparently The Boy’s casting got a little wild and the very minor weight on the line hit him in the back of his head.  We stopped the bleeding and I kept trying to see the damage, which didn’t appear to be too bad.  I got out the first aid kit which is a small suit case size.  The Boy was completely enthralled by the contents, the packages, the compartments and the fact that he had never seen this before.  This was better than any bandage ever!  I told Juanito to hold him so that I could clean it and I was telling The Boy what we were doing so he would not be scared.  I told him that we would first clean the area with an alcohol swab, then spray the area with a hydrogen peroxide spray and then put an antibiotic ointment on to that his hair would not matte into the wound.  Juanito was skeptical of all three steps and I’m not sure if he was worried about The Boy not handling it well or the guilt that he would have since this was his little game that kinda caused the wound.  I gave him a look that made him give into my way (It’s a god look to master as a wife).  The Boy handled all three steps perfectly find, better than Mom and Dad. 

It has been over 90 days since I lost my job.  While I am working part time as a contractor and this is allowing our bills to be paid and all, I have not received an offer for full time work.  I can be lulled into complacency because I have a place to go and I am getting caught up on my bills but it’s a false net below the high wire of life. I continue to fish for a job.  I baited my hook yet again this fine Monday morning and threw my line into the pool of employment praying to the saints of fisherman for a decent offer, nay an offer.  

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