Friday, May 25, 2012

If only....

I ate Cinnabon for lunch today.  Why?  Cuz. I can.  I haven't had Cinnabon in years.  Literally perhaps a decade.  I've had cinnamon rolls and all but nothing is quite like a Cinnabon.  I almost asked for a Mochalattachill  to go with it and say fuck you to the caloric intake but feared the inevitable middle finger right back later in the afternoon when I slump over my keyboard in a diabetic coma.  I forgot about the size and the girth and the creamy goodness that bubbles out of every crevice of these fluffy little buns.  This sounds like food porn doesn't it?  Which is why it occured to me that if The Husband shot out cream cheese filling instead of life creating slurry  then there might be more oral action in the bed room.  I'm just saying.

**Juanito this does not mean you need to pick up a tube of cinnamon rolls or anything.  this is just a hyperbole.  Calm down.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I get topic ideas when I'm driving and now that I'm back to commuting I get a lot of topics. 
Such as:
Why I shouldn't drive a motorcycle
We need a team leader for team traffic
What my mother did to jack me up
Starbucks Sucks
What the Boy has done lately
Paid Bills and Feel Like I'm in Jail
Ode to my Brown Heels

Unfortunately, when I get time to write I can never remember all the funny little points that made these topics interesting to me.  Interesting enough to write 300 words on.  So I sit here at a computer with limericks from a bathroom stall in my head (Here I sit broken hearted...). 

Not a great topic but just so you to those of you who *might* actually read this post; I'm thinking about you.  And this is what I'm thinking:
You - Some day you'll have time for me, right?
You - If you stopped being the victim you would realize that everything you want you have.
You, over there - Quit controlling every situation and let it be.  You think you know that you're not God but that knowledge has not stopped you from playing God.
And you - Sober up at work, geez.
You - BACON!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kick Off Meeting

So I started the new job.  Its good.  No complaints whatsoever.  I'm not over the moon about it, as you would think I should be, but I'm not an over the moon kinda girl.  But with the fresh start at a new company doing something that I know I can do, I thought I would give the old blog a fresh coat of paint.  Kids are getting out of school and vacation and summer plans are being made.  I've never thought of Summer as a re-birth like Spring is supposed to be, but with all the changes and beginnings its kinda hard not to. Some things to address as we kick off this next chapter....

1. The Summer Olympics are coming.  I have a new place in my heart for the Olympics because I watched the Winter Olympics after The Boy was born.  I watched a lot of luge and snowboarding and that one where they throw the big loaves of metal in a shuffleboard like manner, curling?  Anyways, the Summer Olympics means just a half way make of nothing. 
2. We're planning out summer vacations.  I'm excited to travel without the baggage of leaving my job.  My new company has been so understanding that there is life outside of the office.  I want to embrace it and enjoy it while I can.  The ever-pessimist, I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall and they start giving me a static about time off. But you know I'm not one to really abuse that so perhaps it won't ever fall. Time will tell.
3. I want to cook more.  And instead of making peanut butter chocolate ice cream cookie layered strawberry tall cake (which still sounds  ah-may-zing) I want to make fancy food.  But not for a cat.  I might start sharing the stuff I make here.  Oh, Pinterest is totally fueling this.  Maybe someday my blog will show on some one's Pinterest board.  Ah, to dream!
4. I want a baby.  I'm not sure if we're ready to start the whole drug process and everything that it will take this time but the need and desire is there and its doable now.  I'm not sure how I'll handle the medication with a two year old, but its a bump, hill, mountain in the road to our family that we will take in stride.