Thursday, March 8, 2012

My box...not that one.

I have a box in my closet that I filled when I left my last job.  You know where I worked in Hell and Satan had a desk two doors down?  It is filled with all of the little knick knacks and tchotchkes that inhabited my desk.  The “tulips” that Levi made for me at daycare out of his hand print for Mother’s Day; a few framed photos of Levi, our wedding and The Husband when he was like 18 and still had hair; my desk lotions, my desk bottle of mixed drugs like Tylenol, vitamin C, and Sudafed; my pen that is shaped like a giraffe; my assortment of funny stickies; and like 15 different CDs of what I thought were work appropriate including the best of Elton John, Dixie Chicks and Soul Asylum of course. I stood in my closet the other day staring at the box and what remains of its contents since Levi likes to redistribute things occasionally.   What will my next desk look like?  Will it ever need two pairs of fuzzy slippers and appreciate a business card for Meower Meowerson the traveling cat statue? 

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