Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still Unemployed After All These Years

So the contract job will come to an end soon, like the of March.  So I'm am frantic, again, for a job interview to give way to an offer.  I hope that I don't completely reek of desperation, or atleast it smells like cucumber melon lotion. 

I've been asked if I have prospects and I am getting confused on how to answer this.

Do you mean do I have interviews?  Yes, lots.  I have them in person and on the phone. I have them with HR hiring managers and department directors.  I am a Cat in the Hat of the interviewing process.  That does not mean that I have a job or a job coming down the line.  I think thats the part that gets me.  Unless you're in the thick of unemployment right now, people don't seem to understand. 

I was telling my Dad about how I interviewed at a local HVAC company with an asshat of a man who didn't feel it necessary to tell me his name or his title or anything like that but did tell me about 7 times that he has a marketing budget of, wait for it, a MILLLION DOLLARS! (pause fo gasp)

I know! I know.  I was completely shocked that an HVAC company would have soooo much money dedicated to advertising in the Valley of the freakin' Sun?  Holy Cow! 

So what does my retired sheet metal father ask me?  Did you tell him you knew me? 

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