Friday, March 30, 2012

Technology sucks unless its free

I hate texting.  Perhaps if I had grown up with it like all you whipper snappers it would different.  But I like the English language.  I like sentences in their entirety and correct spelling and not blaming auto-correct.  I like the act of telling a story with real words and punctuation and spaces.  If you know how all those things work, it can be kind of fun (is that geeky?).  I hate itty-bitty little buttons that don’t always work as fast as I do.  I hate that I typed “iced” and it came out as “ocean” and I sent it anyways cuz I thought I had typed the right thing.

Apparently my big old monkey fingers couldn’t do it right.
Anyways… I am trying to embrace as much technology as it will only help me find a job and its kinda fun to be out there looking at stuff and finding new things.  I know that I need to get in line with iTunes or something like that.  I mean I have an iPod or a Nano or something like that.  But I have never purchased  music for it.  And I don’t know if I will.  I really like CDs.  I buy them so infrequently, but I like being able to say, in some monetarily way, “hey you with the ghee-tar and singing voice I like all that noise you be making over there so much in fact I will go out of my way and purchase your CD.”  I love the art that goes along with the CD and the whole packaging of it…that’s probably the marketer in me.  Also, I’m really cheap.

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