Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm an asshole

So last night someone posted on their Facebook wall some rant about the Kony 2012 video.  If their posts previous to this rant are factual, he was drunk by himself and cleaning cat puke off his couches so perhaps alcohol and boredom blinded him from reason and judgment.  To give you a little background about this person he is in the military and is somehow connected to my family, but not legally or blood line thank God.  His rant said that the Kony video was just “shit that’s been going on forever” and if you aren’t willing to enlist in the armed forces than “you’re a fucking pussy.”  He also added, “If you posted those videos, but havn’t (sic) tried to do anything about it other then (sic) that, then your (sic) a follower, and your (sic) a weak willed waste of air!”  Here are his ramblings: note I blocked out him and the douchebag friend who responded/egged him on to protect…well, me.

So I was so completely enraged by this post and wanted so badly to say something but felt trapped due to the family connection.  Also, I’m afraid to admit this, I was embarrassed that I didn’t want to have to defend my beliefs against someone who portrays them self better than me just because he is enlisted.  As if I am a lesser person because I didn’t join.  I hate that any opposition to military is therefore an opening to be attacked by people who think that I don’t support the military or that I don’t respect their sacrifice. 

And I could throw back at them that my brother in law is in the Army and my sister in law and nephews live the military life.  I support them as much as I can.  This is a decision they made together on how they were going to raise their family.  I support their decision, I pray for his safety when he is deployed.  I have sent care packages and hung a yellow ribbon.  I pray for my sister in law when he is deployed because she is a one man band isolated from supportive family left to raise three small boys and take care of the house.  Even before they were part of my life, I couldn’t help but cry at anything that had to do with the armed forces.  I will never be able to fathom that someone’s “job” is to make my life safe from things that I have the luxury of not even knowing exist.  I know that nothing I say or do would ever ease the pain of the family of those that have fallen.  But I will respect the people who wear the uniform as I feel they are our countries best ambassadors to the world. 

But how dare you sit on your cat puke covered couch and drunkenly post on Facebook that I am somehow less because I have not picked up a rifle to defend my country.  How dare you pass judgment (in incorrect English) on others who are attempting to educate the world that atrocities do exist?  The Kony 2012 video, I feel, is an advocacy for why we need the military.  And the military is there you stupid shit.  You might need to get off of thechive.com and check out cnn.com. 

Perhaps we should instead make a video about your life and how it was meaningless because you don’t have the wherewithal to stay in school, get a job and support yourself but instead joined the military where a job was assigned to you like a child’s chore list.  And had it not been for the uniform they gave you and the rifle they taught you how to use than your life would have been a quagmire of pot, alcohol and unemployment  (unless your brother found you a job) and fighting with your baby’s mama, oh wait you guys got married for the military benefits.  Are you still better than me?  I have an education and pay taxes that fund your job.  I take an active role in educating myself about world events and politics because they impact my life, my family, and my (possible) job.  You clicked on a YouTube link someone put on Facebook and decided that you don’t agree.  

Now I am not a type of person to poopoo your opinion just because its different than mine.  In fact I really want to embrace it so that I can understand where you are coming from.  I am not right by all means and want to see what I’m missing.  But when you criticize those who did not join the military and childishly call them “pussy” you have crossed a line.  A line that Juanito says that I shouldn’t waste time with. 

But here I am wasting time.  Still a little pissed off and seething.  I am also sadly hiding from some drunk on Facebook who was also calling a 9 year old boy on xbox a fag.  Now who’s the asshole?

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