Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Here and we're all kicking

So I kinda went a little MIA there for a while didn't I?  Well, its hard to explain.  So I won't. Just suffice it to say that this pregnancy has been leaps and bounds different from The Boy's time in the womb. 

I am very grateful for the small handful of people who i have shared this with and have helped me through these tough times.  Their understanding and compassion has made it easier.  I am also blown away by my husband.  He has sat with me through things that are way beyond either of our skill levels and seen us both through to the other side.   You never think that you will be the living embodiment of your vows, but in these good times and the bad and through sickness and in health, Juanito has been by my side. 

He has really stepped up and taken on more than I ever thought I would be comfortable with.  I hate feeling like I am incapable and he has somehow found a way to take on without making me feel incapable.  He even has started making some dinners.  I will just gloss over the pan of burnt refried beans I found in the sink after I came home and said the house smelled like burnt beans and you tried to say it was the new a/c filter.... 

I love you beyond words Juanito. 

FB Post:  Levi is going to be a ........
Since it hasn't been all rainbows and kittens lately, I will focus on the good stuff.  We announced our pregnancy on Facebook which makes it more official than any test results, countless ultrasounds and board certified doctors.  We got 65 likes.  Because those things matter. 

Of course always the marketing person, I had to take a poll of friends, family, and people I once knew, to see what the general consensus was for gender,  It was like 85% girl.  So we went a few days later for the big ultrasound.  Baby was all stretched out with arms up around the head and ankles crossed, like my uterus is a hammock.  The u/s tech wasn't sure if she would be able to see the gender or not.  Baby eventually moved and before the tech could say any thing I gasped.  She said, "do you see it" and Juanito said, "Is that a turtle?"  That's when we get to post to FB that we're having a ....
Photo taken on our trip to California just in case you
thought there were beaches in Phoenix.

So when Levi was baking we called him Senor.  In fact we called him Senor even after we came home from the hospital with him.  So I said we need to find a nickname for this little one (the actual name has been a struggle!).  We didn't like Junior or anything like that. So while giving The Boy a bath, Juanito asked him what we should call the baby.  The Boy said Tiny, but he said it in a really small squeaky voice and hunched his shoulders up to his ears and pinched his thumb and fore finger together.  He doesn't really understand whats going on yet.  Or what is going to happen to his world in a few months.  He is convinced that he has the baby in HIS stomach.  Boy, is he sadly mistaken.

So here is Tiny.  He wasn't cooperative for the complete ultrasound so we get to go back.  I swear this kid has had so many photos taken of him so far.  He will probably be a camera hog when he comes out too!  Oh he is a movin' and a grovin' and he is measuring 4 days bigger than expected so they moved my due date up.  Fine by me!

Tiny Reynolds