Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have made the arbitrary decision, like most of my decisions that I need more gay friends. I did not come to this decision due to some check list.

Female friends….check

Male friends….check

Black friends….check

Latin friends……check check check (I live in Arizona)

I actually decided this because of a great respect I have for gay people. I could not imagine something that is innate and a part of every fiber of my body such as my sexuality being something that I would be afraid of telling someone, especially my parents. I equate living a life that is out and open to being the purest form of living. I am so in awe of people who live an openly gay life. To be unapologetic for whom you are and to be that assure of yourself is just inspiring to me. (Don't go off about gay people should have to apologize blah blah blah.)

As I think I have established a few times here, I’m in therapy. I love therapy. It forces me to look at who I am for reals and not how someone else sees me. I can’t help but wonder if I had born gay, would the sheer act of having to accept me for me in order to get my parents to love me for who I was would have negated the whole therapy thing to begin with…..???

So I’ve decided that I need more openly gay friends. Hopefully their self assurance and acceptance of everyone else would rub off on my and be my new therapy.

It would be more fun and cheaper than therapy at least.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sit and stay

I have become trained by Facebook.  I feel compelled to shout out things to people in the grocery store, people in the office and fellow drivers at stop lights in order to  update them to my status.

Like….sitting at a stop light when the gas light comes on I want to yell to the people next to me “Gas Light On!!!  Hope to make it to the gas station!”  As the weather cools down and more windows are open this urge is getting bigger.

Another example…..coming out of the bath room at the office I want to yell “The bathroom spray smells like eucalyptus, 67 Wild Flowers and shit!!” Not the best of ideas…

Or while sitting in my cubical I want to shout to the ceiling “I work with idiots” but then I remember where I am and that the Internet will not protect me from job loss.

I even feel the need to make my hand look like the hand cursor in order to "like" things.  No one thumbs up from me!  You sir get a cursor finger!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Garden

One of the many pluses of living in Arizona is that there are 2, count'em 2, growing seasons.  So after some research, cuz that what I do, we planted our first garden.  Other than a half-assed attempt at basil on the window sill, I haven't grown something you can eat.  Hope our green beans, carrots and cucumbers actually grown and are edible.  I know, I'm asking a lot of my somewhat green thumb.