Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updated Lord help me...

Ok, I blog, obviously.  I read blogs.  I enjoy blogs.  I enjoy connecting with others, even if its just in my mind or theirs.  I blog about my family and my child and my dogs and things that I do.  I blog about my thoughts, my feelings, and poop. 

But Lord strike me down if I ever refer to my child (some day children) or other people's children as "kiddos."  I understand that for some its an unnecessary product of their professions, teachers, medical people.  But if I have to read another godforsaken blog that is written by some SAHM (don't even get me started on acronyms) who is supported by her hubby (or my recent favorite hubs) and this little successful blog of her funds their trips to Disney World for said hubby, her and her kiddos?  Well, I might just implode. 

And if you hear me say or if you read that I have written, rest assured, it was done with a slight twitch in my eye, a curl of my lip and general displeasure through gritted teeth. 

So came across this and its fantastic!  I am guilty of many of these things!

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