Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost Bird

So I finally took the plunge and joined Twitter. I figured since I’m courting the social media marketing schtick I might as well learn how it all works. I casually mentioned this the other night to Juanito and his encouraging response was “Oh geez” and if he wasn’t staring at his phone and playing some zombie game or “breeding” his fish in Tap Fish I’m sure he would have rolled his eyes at me.

I do bring feel that this is a personal milestone as well as a blogging milestone. First I never gave into myspace. I thought it was creepy and sad. At least I felt creepy and sad when I voyeuristically hunted on former classmates. I remember the first time my friend showed me how it worked and we spent the better half of a Friday night in the study going

Oh my gawd!
Hol-lee shit!
What the fuck!
Who is that? Somebody married her?
Did we go to school with that person?
Good lord he looks old. Are we that old?

So when I took the Facebook plunge I did it for two main reasons.
1. My sister moved out of the state and it was easiest way to stay in touch
2. Juanito’s sister moved out of the state and it was the easiest way to stay in touch.

But now I’m like full on addicted to FB. We’re so intimately connected I don’t use its full name. FB and I are so close that we spend time together in the bathroom. Juanito is still off limits in there (we just ignore what he might hear when the fart fan isn’t on). I vowed that I would never follow the trends of what the kids are doing these days. Even though in my heart of hearts and understanding trends as I do, I knew that Facebook would die and something else would re-emerge as “what all the cool kids are doing.”

Once I realized that I needed to learn Twitter in order to sell myself better in jobs I knew it was a matter of time. Also, I read The Everywhereist and she said to do it for Pete’s sake and I feel bad for that guy. Sadly though, I don’t even know how to make my Twitter work. This here bird is busted. So I just started adding people. To be Twitter Trite I almost became friends (do you even call it that in Twitter Land?) with Lady Gaga but instead opted for the professional Mashable. And good Lord that Pete Cashmore tweets all the god damn time. And there isn’t enough time in the day to read all his stuff.

So I want to share this here and here there, but I have no idea how to do any of this. Please bear with me. Also, please feel free to follow (@likethewrap33).…anywhere. Please wish me luck while I follow the trendy herds (or is it a gaggle since we’re birds on Twitter??) in the name of business!

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