Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frustrating but Unique

So remember when I said I felt poopie?  Well the shit hit the fan and I've been down for the count for the past day.  I was so bad that I actually went to the doctor.  Just so you know the gravity of that statement, I haven't been to my primary care physician (can I even call him that at this point?) since before The Boy was born.  Their chart is not documented with my PCOS or my child.  They do know I got married though so there's that.  I'm a little miffed because bascially he told me to ride it out.  I wanted drugs damn it.  That whole holistic "it will make your immune system stronger" crap was NOT what I wanted.  I wanted a Zpac!  I got drink orange juice and here's some Amoxicillin (not even the yummy liquid kind). 

Anyways......  I have a cold and an ear infection, this is my MO.  I always get ear infections.  One time in college I was sick and went to the student, I don't know what they called it, infirmary?  Anyways, the medical professional there made a comment that looking at some one's ears with chronic ear infections is like looking at the rings of a tree.  But I digress as usual.

It Halloween...yay! sniff sniff snniiiiiiffffff, blow.  We went to the pumpkin patch.  We made green caramel marshmallow popcorn and delivered our "Zombie Boogers" in our Boo Bags to our friends and family.  And by we I mean me at like 10 pm on Saturday night because I'm still a swinging gal!  We attended the Monster Bash sans costume for The Boy.  We carved pumpkins with our family and friends.  The Boy calls the pumpkins "pumps." mother in law calls them punkins which totally reminds me of my Grandma making fun of people who can't say pumpkin correctly.  I was young at the time too and I'm sure she did to reinforce how to say it correctly but for the life of me I couldn't tell the difference in what she was saying.  I mean I do now.  I was thankful my Grandma wasn't around to correct my mother in law.  But Grandma's lesson only taught me that she always acted a bit better than those around her.  Again, I digress.....

So what I was getting at was that today is Halloween and The Boy has yet to put on a costume.  We had the cute cuddly dragon, the RWAR dinosaur that he could ride, the police man he picked out, the generic super hero, Yoda, and a doctor.  The dragon he wouldn't put on past his legs, which is what led to the dinosaur but that wasn't fun, except when Juanito put it "on" to show The Boy just how much fun it was.  So we took the dinosaur back and got the generic super hero because it looked simple to put on and The Boy picked out the police man.  Come time to put either on for the Monster Bash and oh, hell no.  He put the police hat on but then it ended.  The generic super hero never had a chance. 

While at the Monster Bash one friend's son had on a Yoda costume which was really just a jacket so I was hey that might work.  Luckily Schmacey's son was Yoda when he was younger and she had one laying around.  Sweet! Maybe.  Every time The Boy sees the costume just in the bag he says that it belongs to Baby Richard.  So apparently not his costume.  Last year The Boy was a Mad Science and his grandma made him a lab coat that we were hoping would still fit him and in the off chance we bought a cheap "stethoscope" from Walmart.  Juanito was like, he could be McDreamy or Steamy. Please don't dock his man card in this time of emergency.  So the stethoscope was a huge hit this morning but screw you lab coat, you can stay in the bag.  So when I delivered The Boy to daycare this morning he wore his scuba man tee shirt (another back up costume) his crocs, plaid shorts, his sweatshirt and his stethoscope.  I think he's an anesthesiologist. 

So who knows what he'll actually end up being tonight.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve but I've accepted that this is just part of him growing up.  Maybe its not like everyone else but he definitely isn't like everyone else so why start now?

Does anyone have family on the East Coast?  Are they ok?  All of my family back there is present and accounted for.  A little shaken and a little soggy but ok!  Hope you can say the same!

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