Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I beat Jesus

Last year about this time a friend of mine, whom we’ll call Schmacey (look you’re a character!), told me about this thing call your Jesus Year. As I am older than most of my friends I shared this news with them when they celebrated their 33rd birthdays. Some people pointed out the inappropriateness of it since it was also the age that Jesus died. For our sins and all. A (questionable) fact I didn’t know. I'm still not sure if I was supposed to feel bad for bringing this up to them or not. 

My interpretation

Jesus Year is the 33rd year of your life in which you will experience a significant change that will be or will lead you to your true purpose in life. I do not believe that this is a mid-life crisis as it is more a passing from waiting for my life to begin to realizing my life started a while back and I need to catch up. Its about shaking the hand of the person I was supposed to be and moving forward (I wish I could tie this into the debates tonight but I don’t think I will).

So back when Schmacey told me about this it was ironic that I had recently left a job that was equivalent to hell and was at what I thought was to be my new career. As my 33rd year progressed I lost my job without unemployment benefits; became a stay at home mother; became the mother of a two year old which has tested me on a daily basis; worked a part-time job; became a part time interviewer and resume submitter; struggled with finances; struggled with depression; struggled with relationships; struggled with anxiety; found a new job; started a new career; said good bye to friendships that hurt; invested more of me into the friendships that matter; found a big chunk of peace within myself; vowed to work at my marriage to ensure that what we have is still here in 33 more years; and decided to expand that family. My 33rd year isn't over yet so who knows what the next week will bring. There is still time for a crucifixion.  (Inappropriate?  Me?  Probably.)

When I turn around and look at the past year I realize that it’s been a big year. I did not intend to make this my Jesus Year but it happened anyway. Is that divine intervention? Perhaps. Is it natural progression of maturity? Perhaps. When we look back at our 33rd year of life will most of us see that this was somehow a pivotal year?

Was your 33rd year pivotal? Tell me how.

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