Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seasonally Confused

Back in June, July and August, most of metro-Phoenix was making their annual pilgrimage to Southern California to escape the heat and play in the surf. I make my pilgrimage in the Fall.  So while everyone else is dreaming of cooler weather, pumpkins and spiced what have yous, I will be packing the sunblock, beach towels and bathing suits for one last hurrah on the beach.  

 It has become a somewhat custom to go to Carlsbad, CA for my birthday.  Last year we didn't go in the hopes of including more people, but it didn't go as planned.  So we're going back to Carlsbad.  And instead of dealing with inflated prices, annoying crowds and other unpleasantness that summer travelers bring, we're going in the off-season.  And I absolutely love Carlsbad and the Surf Motel, which is a three star (maybe four) motel with the best location in Carlsbad.  You can literally walk across the street to the public beach.  What I love about Carlsbad is that everything we want to do is within walking distance.  Note that I said want to do because we're not going to Cali for Disneyland or Legoland or Adventureland.  We're going for Relaxationland.  We want to go and just be and chill.  And I never use that term, I'm kinda repulsed at my diction there.  But if we need to drive somewhere, the PCH is one of the most entertaining roads.  So many little shops and people for these nosey eyes!  Oh, another word that I would never use but is totally appropriate here - chillax (again my AP English teacher would be unimpressed).  This trip is about taking a break before the chaos of the holidays begin. 

To indicate the level of holiday chaos in my family, I am thinking about emailing my mom and sisters to schedule out the holiday plans.  Yes its not even Halloween and I'm wanting to schedule Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that's how it rolls here. Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Tree Trimming party, my Mom's birthday, Red's birthday, holiday parties, holiday baking, holiday wrapping and my sister, Al and Baby S coming into town for a week around actual Christmas, there is a lot of planning.  A.LOT.  And as stressful as it is - I absolutely love it!

I have three days until we leave for Carlsbad.  Weather.com shows the trip in it's 5-day forecast and I'm googling for new places to eat while there. Did I mention that its currently 77 degrees in Carlsbad?  That's so perfect.  If I had a tail, it would be wagging.  I hope I can make it. 

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