Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughts, truths and other obsurd things

Some times when the traffic is bad, but not really bad, but more like everyone is a grandma behind the wheel.  On those days I wish everyone would line back up in one line and start over again like in elementary school.  Remember when your teacher would walk you to an assembly or something and the line would get all disjointed and she'd make you stop and line back up.  We need a teacher on the road.  

Mumford & Son are on a country station.  What is with that?

What’s the word for people who discriminate against fat people? Fattist? I work with a fattist.

I regret cutting my hair.

Why would Tupac fake his own death.  What did he have to gain by losing his notoriety?

Elevator Etiquette – I wish I could figure out how to crop dust the elevator just in case of an emergency.

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