Monday, October 8, 2012

People are inherently nosey...and possibly dumb

My office recently moved into a new building. We merge two offices together into one building two floors. There is a lot of activity of people wandering around to see where everything is and who sits where. Its been like those few moments after your teacher would rearrange the desks and everyone was settled and you’re looking around to see who you will talk to now.

There is a decorative display right by my cubical. It’s a ginormous chunk of “concrete” that has rebar sticking out of it and it has the company logo on it. Its pretty cool and a great conversation piece that would make more sense in the receptionist area but…

So at least once a day someone touches it, knocks on it, does something with it and they typically will say, “huh, that’s not concrete.” I’m concerned because the people are typically engineers and should be intelligent enough to know that a five foot chunk of cement is not hanging by two small wire cords.

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