Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fickle Bitch

There is a lot of talk about the fall; much hub-bub, about Mother Nature these days. There are people here in Phoenix nostalgic for the crispy autumn air and golden hues of fall. There are also people in Phoenix celebrating that the AC can be turned off (for now because this ain’t my first rodeo).

There are people in the Ohio flabbergasted by the 80 degrees in October. There are people in Oklahoma frustrated that they can’t bust out their cute sweaters and scarves. There are people in Colorado shoveling snow off their cars. There are people in California doing a little happy dance for the rain and dropped temperatures.

It seems that everyone is critical of Mother Nature and in their defense she is one fickle bitch. This morning in my neck of the desert it was actually chilly. I finally warranted the cardigan that is a staple in my wardrobe. The last two mornings The Boy has worn a sweatshirt to daycare. But on this afternoon I’m stuffy and hot in the office and my weather icon on my monitor says its bright and sunny at 82 degrees. .

I know that this isn’t the autumn that gets conjured up when you think October. I know that we could very easily rock the flip flops year round (and some do, Juanito). But this isn’t new information people! This is how the weather always has been and always will be, unless you subscribe to that silly little notation of “global warming.” Why do people every year complain that its still 80 and they can’t wear their boots. Or “Its October and I got a sunburn.” And to make matters worse, I’m now complaining about the complaining.

Anyways… The weather, she’s a fickle bitch. What she does today will change tomorrow. Before you know it Ohio is gonna be buried in snow, Oklahoma is gonna blow off the map; Colorado well they are used to snow before Halloween; and Phoenix, well you know Phoenix it might explode into a ball of fiery flames. Environmental apocalypse..yay! So what I’m saying is be nice to Mother Nature (bike, ride or carpool) and maybe you’re weather dreams will come true.

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