Thursday, October 18, 2012

T Minus Three Months

We’re in the final descent of the terrible twos. Not sure if this ride is coming to an end or this is just a dip before the triple spiral that will propel by sheer force all of the gum that we’ve ever swallowed out of our bellies.

Sunday night someone in the house had back to back melt downs around dinner time. I would try and throw Alfie under the bus on this one but who am I kidding; that guy barely completes one task let alone does it again. We were a little bewildered since the temper tantrums seem to be spacing themselves out over the last few weeks.

How I love this happy face
But this week as been heart wrenchingly wonderful. The Boy is silly and fun in the morning. He does this hide-hide-hide thing where he hides under something and then giggles until you find him. I can’t remember my mornings before him and I don’t want to. He (and Juanito) is playing outside with the neighbor kids or in the back yard in the evening. He has even willingly come to the dinner and even occasionally ate dinner with us. His speech is improving every day .

They say that three is the new two as far as the behavior problems. I’m not sure if we should prepare for more loop de loops or throw our hands in the air and scream?

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