Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This weekend.....

It has dipped below 100 degrees here in the Valley and that means its Fall. In fact it will be will Fall until like January when it will actually get cold (ish) here.  I'm talking in  low 60s FOR A HIGH!  Luckily we’re all a bunch of thin-blooded pansies so we’ll whine like it’s the tundra.

I busted out the Halloween decorations at my house the other weekend. I typically do this in the first weekend of October just to foster the idea of fall when the temperature gauge doesn’t always play along.  It was nice that we thought about turning off the AC.   So the Snoopy dressed as a wizard and a dog dressed as a witch who no longer play the music, due to the extreme heat, are sitting out and the mini ghosts and cats made out of The Boy’s hand and foot prints over the years are decorating the mirror in the entry. I even Pinterested my front door. Don’t be jealous.

I'm so disgruntled at the font of the R...don't even get me started on this!
We took The Boy to one of those Halloween stores that pop-up in vacant strip malls during Labor Day weekend just to see what costume he would pick out. Along with every costume you could think of, including the slutty version, they also have animatronic …things. Like a life-size witch from Wizard of Oz and when you press the button she cackles and says “I’ll get you my pretty” while her jaw flops about in the attempt to look like she’s talking for realsies. Most of the displays were either broken or making a half-hearted attempts so it wasn’t too scary. I felt the zombie baby eating its leg was a little unnecessary. Unfortunately there were some that actually worked and started to scare The Boy. The short werewolf made him cover his eyes. The big werewolf made him burying his head into my next. The jumping ginormous spider made him and Juanito jump.

We did look at costumes and I was pretty sad to find that there are very few options for little boys that don’t involve a weapon of some sort. I don’t know what makes costume makers think it’s a good idea to give small children plastic swords and police batons and little guns. Who thinks this is just darling??? I whined that this would be the last year that I get to have a little snugly costumed baby so we went to Babies R Us. We had very few choices, a monkey or a dragon, he picked the dragon. Still disappointing but at least I get my soft baby. When we got home and I tried to get him to try it on he only let me pull it up to his waist. He gave me the Heisman when I tried to put his arms in the costume.

I’ve got some time to try a practice run through again but I’m gonna have to find an alternative. Is it too early in the game to throw a sheet on him and call him a ghost?

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