Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Halloween Played Out

You know how every girl (I’m guessing since I have not spoken to every girl) wants to have her face cupped by the special someone and drawn in for a kiss? That’s what my son did to me this morning. I left him at his grandma’s house because he isn’t feeling well and when I asked him for a hug he actually obliged me. I thought I would push my luck and ask for a kiss too.  I know, I know, asking for the moon AND the stars here! but that’s when he laid his hand on my cheek and puckered up. It was the sweetest thing. So sweet in fact you think, “eff it, I’m already late, who cares! Let’s get coffee!”

He rocked the trick or treating I tell ya!
This is my little Lost Boy (think Peter Pan not the 80s classic with the Coreys and Kieffer). After the melt down to wear his pajamas to daycare the other day, I thought we’ll just go ahead and put him in his jammies. Juanito said to give him a bag of marbles and he would be a Lost Boy. Very fitting coming from the real life Peter Pan.  We trick or treated with friends and he and another little girl kept time together.  She was the cutest little bumble bee, although a little shy.  So The Boy would do the knocking and talking and then quickly run back to the curb, she stayed for the people to make over her costume.  They were a well oiled machine those two.  And at the end of the evening he hugged her like I've never seen him hug someone his age.  I would say its young love but A) I don't want to be that mom and B) she's like 6 months older than him...shes practically robbing the cradle. 

But it was damn cute.

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