Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An entire post about nose hair

Many years ago I had a twitch in my noise which had me fiddling with it. Notice that I did not say that I was digging in my nose because if that were the case Juanito would immediately find me unattractive. He thinks nose picking is one of the top vilest things a person can do. When I pick at or in the general vicinity of my nose I merely think that I am fiddling with it.

Anyways, many years ago, or just a few as to not feel old, I was fiddling with my nose and complaining that there was something tickling it. Juanito suggested a nose hair that was too long. I was appalled at this idea. I was under the assumption that only men with their constantly growing facial hair had nose hairs, not delicate petite little flowers like me.

I immediately inspected my nose and saw one little white hair and every time I moved my mouth or face and I saw with my own two eyes as it brushed the other side of my nostril and it tickled. I’ll be damned. I was astounded that I had nose hairs that grew (I have no idea what I thought was going on up there but must not have given it too much thought). I whined that I didn’t know what to do with this and Juanito said, “I usually pluck mine.”


I grabbed my tweezers and delicately jammed them up my nose and grabbed that little hair and pulled as quick as lightening. My eyes immediately watered and I dropped the tweezers and grabbed my face squealing in pain. Juanito laughed.

Years later whenever I find myself fiddling with my nose too much I grab my tweezers and mirror and quickly eradicate an annoying little hair.

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