Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Perchance to Dream

I’ve heard some stories from other parents about their kids sleeping problems. I say it like it’s a mythological occurrence because before my maternity leave was over The Boy was sleeping through the night. Since he was about three weeks old we have had the same routine (which we so aptly named “the routine”). Majority of the time he has slept through the night, except when he was teething or when has been sick, which again isn’t that often. I am thankful for my uninterrupted evenings and restful sleep. Because I have heard some horror stories, believe you me!

One friend hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in six years. Her son was born when her daughter was 18 months old and had just started sleeping through the night. Her son doesn’t sleep more than six to seven hours a night. When he was almost three and she was almost committed (I jest, I think) she went to the pediatrician and they tried various tactics and homeopathic remedies and then out right drugs. Not much slowed this guy down. She said that recently he started putting himself to bed well after the rest of the family has fallen asleep. She considers his waking up only one time a night a victory.

One friend says their kids don’t really need the sleep so they keep hours I haven’t maintained since college (the first time around). When The Boy doesn’t get enough sleep he is a ramped up mess of screaming, climbing, screeching, yelling, giggling, running, crying, throwing, hitting, did I mention screeching? And while he might act homicidal, I feel homicidal. So sleep is good in our house!!

Another friend’s son didn’t sleep through the night until he was a year old but even now his sleep pattern is pretty touchy. No new routines for him or it’s no sleepy time. This means sleepovers with someone willing to babysit overnight are not an option which can be deadly to a marriage.

And speaking of sleepy time, I just read a blog where the kids recently developed this aversion to sleeping. He starts from the moment he gets picked up from daycare begging “no no night night.”

Now I may have just jinxed the holy hell outta us (and if so I’m sorry Juanito) but The Boy is a fantastic sleeper. I will give credit where credit is due. Juanito can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Ask anyone who has invited us over for dinner and to hang out. He will inevitably fall asleep on their couch. And I will also collect a gold start for The Boy’s sleep habits because like Juanito says, I sleep like the dead.

I am concerned that all this patting on the back and gold star collecting will also screw us in the end when we do have another child and that child believes that sleep is for fools. I really enjoy being a fool!

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