Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm a Planner

I've got the blahs.  I don't want to do much of anything.  Which is kinda funny or ironic (I'm never really sure since that Alanis Morrisette song) since my sister, AJ, called me Ms. Planner this morning.  I plan things. All sorts of strange things are planned because I'm a planner.  I feel like if you don't plan it, it won't happen.  So instead of being those people who talk and never do anything, I plan. I would not say that we must be on the go at all times like Schmacey, but that's because I plan our down time too. 

This past weekend we had a very uneventful few days and it was intentionally planned like that.  We ordered Chinese take out on Friday and Juanito rented movies and built a fort in the living room with the boy.  The three of us watched The Lorax but really I watched The Boy watch The Lorax.  He was attentive at most of the areas.  When the Once-ler first finds the forest, The Boy squealed and clapped his hands.  his little celebration was too much!  He danced to the music, because thats what he does.  Anyways, it was very low key Friday.  Saturday was just as memorable.  After gymnastics at the community center, complete with our first fire drill, we went home for a three hour family nap.  Yay!  We took a late afternoon drive out to see Grandma and Grandpa where The Boy ran amok for a while, sans socks in the cool rainy weather.  That night, after The Boy went to sleep I left Juanito to play video games and went to hang out with AJ at Cee's baseball game.  Mind you it was pretty damn cold for Phoenix so I froze my ass off bundled under Red's Hello Kitty blanket.  Sunday was a day of laundry and dozing.  After running amok at Grandma's house without socks in the cold cold weather it was TOTALLY shocking that The Boy ended up with a slight fever and a sluggish disposition. 

A lazy weekend was just what is needed as we gear up for the holidays.  Today my mind is a mess of other thoughts that don't come to fruition.  So I'm working on my list of what to get who for Christmas. Doing some online research.  I'm starting to scout out the Black Friday shopping.  I've even recruited a friend who is super competitive which is a great skill when it comes to Black Friday.  I am not a competitive person, but I am a planner.  But for now I'm on hold, but planning to do something later.

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