Monday, November 5, 2012

Its A Monday Miracle

This morning when I finally decided to get out of bed I was pretty sure that things where gonna be hell.  I didn't want to start the day, how was I going to gently persuade The Boy to do it?

But you know what?  It happened.  After almost ten minutes of telling him it was time to get up he finally made his eyes open and agreed to come down stairs to watch cartoons.  He is not a morning person, much like his mom, so to make the transition easier we grease the morning wheels with cartoons.  Once he was officially up, he got dressed and we even did his hair.  The rest of the morning went just like clock work.  When I told him to get his shoes he did right away and even put them on the right feet.  He waited for me and then asked for his coat, which was needed since its was in the 60s (!) this morning.  When I told him to get in the car he paused and I hesitated waiting for the meltdown to begin but he merely asked for a kiss first.  Ahhh, my baby!  My heart!

It was all, dare I say, easy breezy? 

When we rolled up on daycare he claimed it as his which made me excited.  The anxiety of a meltdown happening at any moment left me on edge the entire morning and when an obstacle was met without tears and yelling my excitement mounted.  By the time he walked into his classroom and decline a hug (which is completely normal) I was a tremor of excitement.  When I told him goodbye and he waved and said "Bye Mom"  I'm pretty sure I floated out to the car on a cloud of maternal love and pride. 

It was a fucking Monday Miracle!

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