Tuesday, November 6, 2012

American History

If you know me then you know that it is a guarantee that I will cry at dying dogs, tender family moments, and soldiers. In fact anything regarding the military, Lee Greenwood, children saluting soldiers, welcome home and goodbye parties all make me well up with tears. Ah hell I’m doing it now. So seeing the polls with lines today; the constant chatter on Facebook and Twitter about voting; everyone in the office wearing their “I VOTED TODAY” stickers, well it makes me a little misty-eyed.

Four years ago, I watched as history was made and Barack Obama was elected President of the United States and the first black president. It was awe inspiring to see the celebration throughout the country. I am so proud that overcame this hurdle in America’s history.

Four years before that was the first time Juanito voted in a presidential election. It wasn’t because he was not a US citizen (despite the moniker of Juanito and being born in Germany). He just, wait let me make sure I have this straight, “I don’t think I cared” according to his text reply.

I was raised in a house where politics were discussed at the table, need I remind you of the KidsVote debacle of 1992. But we were also taught that party affiliation was a private, personal choice and was not necessary discussed publicly. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more verbal about my opinions and my political leanings. I outted myself on Facebook this summer as a Democrat *gasp* and an Obama supporter *horror*, which is equivalent to a dirty little secret here in Phoenix. So when Juanito and I were living together and inching our way towards the happily ever after, I proudly say that I made him the political tiger that he is. Yes, I called you a political tiger…rwar! We definitely do not see eye to eye on all topics, but with a healthy respect for each other and an unhealthy dose of talk radio, we keep things interesting. I will never let him live down the time he told me to shut up during the Republican Convention and maybe I would learn something. Ah, good times.

So tonight will begin another chapter in American history and I can’t begin to tell you what that will entail. I hope for longevity, prosperity, humanity, equality, and of course Lee Greenwood.

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