Wednesday, November 7, 2012


You would think that I should be hootin' and hollarin' and carrying on about my guy winning and I was, on the inside.  Last night.  But I am so disheartened by the people who are are aghast at our country's future and bashing the progress that was made.  To ridicule the abortion laws and marriage equality and health care is beyond ignorant.  We are all in this together but some of the passengers on this train need to be punched the fuck out just so they will stop talking (or posting).  I really should learn not to reply to the idiots.  I should really have my phone disabled when I'm at work.  Or at least the Facebook and Twitter apps. 

So four more years...yay.  Seriously, I was pretty concerned yesterday about the fate of our nation. We need to be balanced and skewed back towards humanity and humility.  So I pray that our country can actually come together like everyone talks about.  I hope the representatives in Congress look at what the American people want and work towards that.  I hope and pray for change and moving forward.  I believe in movement that Obama has begun.

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