Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recap of October

I know that we're like a week into November, but I thought I would forgo talking about the politics and my heavy heart and talk about more fun things!

Cee, The Boy and Red playing in the beach at Carlsbad. Watching them, all I could think was, they will never be this little again.   

La Jolla beach....breath takeningly beautiful.  Everywhere you looked it was a postcard. 

Look at this face!  OMERGERD!  I LERV HERM!!  The seals at La Jolla Beach's Children's Beach were my absolute favorite!  The Boy called them Alfie (which they do resemble quite a bit) and I had to resist the urge to hug every single one of them. 

Best part of this picture of Cee is that I made him wait until the waves crashed into the rocks for an amazing actrion shot. After I clicked he was soaked. Good thing he is a good sport because I laughed pretty hard. you see why I named her Red.  She is beautiful and doesn't even know it.  She loves her braces and its as if freckles were made for her.  She's gonna be a heart breaker and a ball buster. 

GOATS!  I love goats. 

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