Thursday, February 7, 2013

There is always a plan

Oi. (Or Oy if you prefer)
I'm doing a little online shopping.
(Do you call it window shopping when its online but you're not buying? Windows© Shopping?) Anyways, I'm just disheartened about the availability of plus size clothes that look normal. Why can't they just make normal clothes, just bigger? Is that not possible? I'm not a pattern maker and barely a sewer so perhaps there is something I'm missing. If so, do tell.

Anyways, I'm not sure why I'm looking, other than being bored. It’s not like I should be buying anything right now. We're trying to get a little more financially stable and buying shit willy nilly is not part of the plan. You know me, there is always a plan. So until then I'll Windows© Shop.
Now, if only I could have Juanito do the same.....

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