Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Thoughts on Friday

I have struggled this week with what to write about since I'm not focusing on the TTCing.  hence the slow-down in the posting.
  I've also struggled with the concept of being vulnerable in relationship to this blog.  I thank Blurbomat and this Ted Talk. 

I love Ted Talks.  They inspire and educate and make you just, well, think.

Anyways, on with the Final Thoughts...

1. At what age do we start censoring ourselves?  Our clothes, our style, our dance moves?

2. Divorce.  It's scary to think about, not that I am.  how hard to know that everything you've worked for with the one person that is supposed to be your biggest advocate is suddenly over.   Perhaps if you're at the point of divorce you don't feel that way towards your spouse. 

3. What does a girl have to do to lose some freaking weight around here?  I'm thinking I need to start meth.  Or cocaine.  I'm a fan of having teeth.

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