Monday, February 25, 2013

Awards and lists

I love award season.  There is something about all these people who are dedicated to their profession who get together and honor one another for a job well done.  I think that if it was a high fa-lutin’ it with the millions of dollars in jewelry and gowns that make poor Jennifer Lawrence fall down, it wouldn’t be so special. 
Then it was be a luncheon that only half the company goes to.
I cry during award shows, which should not be too surprising.  I’m a crier.  For some of the winners, the emotion seems real and they are stunned and excited and at a loss for words. I feel all of that with them.

Or they are really that good of actors.
So with the Oscars last night it brings the award season to an end.  I’m a little sad but not too much.  Now its time to lad up my Netflix account with Silver Lining’s Playbook and Argo and probably Lincoln too.  

Oh and I decided the following:

1.   Jennifer Lawrence is now on my List right under Jennifer Aniston.  She is beautiful and funny and graceful and only 22 flipping years old!  I want her to be a role model for Red and Al instead of the likes of Kristen Stewart

2.     Speaking of Kristen Stewart…was she drunk?  On pain meds?  Why wear the sleeveless dress when your arms are all bruised up.  Is she in an abusive relationship?  Once that won’t allow her to bathe?  I’m at a loss here. 

3.     Ryan Seacrest.  The Hair.  Its totally cute on Bruno Mars since he is rocking the retor vibe, but not for you Ry Ry.  When you were standing next to Jennifer Hudson and she towered over you it just looked like you were trying to gain some height. 

4.     Barbara Streisand…she channeled a little Stevie Nicks I thought.  Sadly, I had to explain who Babs was to Juanito. 

5.     I love Seth MacFarlane I don’t care what the media is saying.  And if he should reveal in the future that he is in fact gay and/or bisexual, I will not be surprised nor care.  I love him.    He too will go on my list.

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