Monday, February 4, 2013

Family Tree

I think that I have mentioned in the past that my dad comes from a large family.  He is the youngest of seven; six boys and one girl. 
So all of those kids married and each has had at least two kids for a total of 20 grandkids.    I am the youngest of those.  All of the grandkids are married except for a couple who never married and a few who divorced (to my knowledge).  All 20 grandkids except like two of them have procreated.  So through natural matriculation (death, divorce, marriage, birth, etc) we have grown to…excuse while I mentally count all these people. 
Oh wait, one of my cousins is due this June with his first (very long awaited miracle) baby who will be lucky #78.  Holy cow that’s a lot of people. 

So point being one set of my aunts and uncles was in town recently.  We watched the Super Bowl at my parents’ house and visited with them, well mainly my aunt since the men-folk were watching the game.  My aunt has three boys.  Her oldest is the one cousin who is expecting this spring and her youngest recently had a baby, like three weeks ago.  So we chatted about new babies, new parents, raising boys, and fertility. 

So point of this entire post.  There is none.  Hope your Monday was enjoyable.

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