Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jinxed and shitty

So I jinxed us.  We were on a streak of healthy bodies and gainful employment and something that actually resembled a normal routine and then The Boy started complaining about his mouth hurting. 

Well to be honest he started telling me that Cassie (or Cassidy as we with a full grasp of the English call her) hurt him.  I asked where and he said my mouth.  We shined a light in his mouth and sure enough there is a scrape on the roof of his mouth.  Now I know that Cass has not been in his mouth lately so I'm not sure what that was all about but then the next day he was sent home early from daycare for a fever that wasn't there when he got home.  Then last night he slept horribly all over our bed.  He woke up crying and whining.  At 3 am he wanted to watch tee tee (TV).  At 315 am Juanito got him juice, which had I been awake fully I would have said oh hell no.  But thankfully I sleep heavily because The Boy drank some juice and went right back to sleep.

That is until he showed up outside my shower as I was closing the curtain to shower this morning.  Scared the crap outta me I tell you.  But there he was sleepy-eyed and flushed and crying/whining about taking a shower. So he sat in the shower with me but just sat there.  He was so sad.  When I got out I asked if he wanted out and he said no.  Then two minutes later he wanted out.  Of course he was a crying whining mess shivering in our bed.

Now to add to this fantastic morning, I had to go to work.  Deadlines don't  care that your kid is running an unimpressive temp and is whiny (his unofficial diagnosis by Dr. Mom).  Juanito had to work as well.  Our back up plans Moms were either working or out of town and AJ was unavailable as well.  So I ventured and called my dad.  He came over in enough time for me to not miss too much work.  He brought some coffee and the newspaper.  When I left, Pawpaw (as The Boy calls him) and The Boy were sitting on the couch watching the Today show.  It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall today.  Even more interesting is that I don't remember my dad staying home with us when we were sick when we were little.  Just goes to prove that grandkids get the best version of our parents.

When I did arrive at work all ready to work....I noticed an annoying little itch in the back of my throat that has grown to a annoying little pang when I swallow.  This is also a little raspy cough.  I blame Cassidy.

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