Friday, February 22, 2013

Final Thoughts on Friday

Finally its here.   We made it.  I had my doubts but finally, after all this time, Friday is here.  I don't want to jinx anything or anything, but The Boy has been healthy for like four weeks straight, which means I have been working four weeks straight.

I'm pretty sure that means he's gonna get sick soon (especially since I just typed this).  Its been a hellava week so lets get to the Final Thoughts and be done with it!

1. Juanito is hunting for this:
Aren't I cute?  Look I'm smiling for the camera!  Whatcha got in your hand? 
OHMYGOD YOUREGONNAKILLME?!  WHY?  What did I ever do to you!  I don't even taste good! Bastard!

I hope that he enjoys his hunting trip and that he comes back feeling all manly and virile or whatever, but please dear God do not let him get a javelina.  I have no idea what to do with the damn meat.  (Jerky!)  I've heard that it smells badly and is only good if mixed with pork to make sausage. 

I made sausage one time with Norma Rae and my dad.  It was the most phallic-focused event I have ever experienced with my father in the room.  Not interested in that repeat performance.

2. I wanna buy a new rug for the living room but I can't justify shelling out the money when we have a perfectly fine rug.  But I can move that rug into the dining room and then the living room would be transformed.  Who wants to give me oh, like $1000 for this pretty little rug in Pottery Barn?  Anyone? 

3.I regret cutting my hair.  I had really long hair and back in June I cut it off, like way off.  I have hated it ever since.  I have been dying my hair the same, well, pattern for the lack of a technical word (I'm not a stylist, which is so evident like every morning, so I have no idea what the right word or phrase would be here).  So I'm open to new ideas but I'm all over the place in ideas.  So until I can fire it out I'll be rocking an up-do,

Happy George Washington's Birthday.  Enjoy your weekend and may your batteries be fully charged by Monday morning!

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