Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet Baby Cee

Cee went and turned 12 years old officially.  He did it regardless of the fact that I was not ready for this. (I'm sure his mother is having issues with this too but my pain is greater.  At least here it is.) 

Not only did he turn 12 he also registered for junior high.  OMG. 

I am not ready for him to be taller than me or have his voice crack or have him stop being Baby Cee.  I know that I am mostly not ready for this because it means I'm getting old and I don't feel like I am old.  I feel like I was just 12 years a little bit ago! 

We went to watch him and his friend play paint ball.  Juanito and Cee's Dad played too.  I'm not sure if "play" is the right word or if its "participate in combat"? Nonetheless it was so funny to hang out with these boys who laugh at fart jokes and pick on one another (without crying!).  And when The Boy picked up a paint ball and licked it, turning his tongue blue, I asked Juanito if it was ok.  He informed me that the paint is non-toxic.  Good to know!  I told the boys to go ahead and lick their balls which made a few of them giggle. Only one turned to me and with a straight face said, "I don't think I can."  I like that kid.

So I'm taking my nearly adult Cee shopping so that he can go to junior high looking...what do the kids say anymore?  Sharp?  Fly?  oh my god i am old.

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