Thursday, August 9, 2012

Commando Option

So I read this article the other day about how to revamp your closet without shopping. One of the suggestions was to try everything on and if it doesn’t fit you should get rid of it. If I did this I would lose half of my closet.

I have clothes that I can wear on any given day for work and stuff. But then I have the clothes that I wear on days that I feel fat and ugly and they are just like a Mommy-hug that says you’re ok (i.e., my grey and white striped cardigan). Then there are clothes that I think with all my heart someday I will fit into this again. Such as the corduroy jacket I got from Goodwill that I will someday wear. While attending an Ivy League All Girls College. And wearing penny loafers. Or the white pants that I wore maybe twice and my ass looked fantastic coming and going! But perhaps it was the fact that I wasn't wearing underwear with them because I was afraid it would show which made me feel brazen and luscious. Going commando is exciting regardless of what you’re packing.

Perhaps I'll ditch the chonies right now.....

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