Monday, August 6, 2012

Jesus is my CoPilot

So our house is haunted. If not that then family members who have passed on are trying to contact us. Why do I think this you might ask? Well let me tell you why I KNOW this.
Even in Hell there is a volunteer fire department
This fire truck that is my son’s randomly started going off the other day. And when I say going off I mean, it’s sitting on the floor with nothing around it and suddenly it’s all lights and sirens and the Holy Ghost. The first time I heard it Juanito said, “the fire truck went off.” I thought he meant like The Boy was playing with the fire truck and wasn’t supposed to for whatever reason. When I came into the living room I saw it sitting on the floor by the dog door.

“Oh, not The Boy,” was my thought. I then thought one of the dogs went in or out the door and knocked it against the wall pushing the button in the process. A little while later it went off again but this time I was on the couch and saw it plain as day that no one touched it. Juanito...what the eff? Juanito just chuckled. I think he chucked more because I could have scaled the wall and less because he thought the sirens and lights were funny.

So this continued all day, into the night and throughout the night.   And it wasn't occasional it was pretty consistent and then it wasn't.  And then it was.  We moved the thing away from the wall because I was convinced it was due to the electricity in the walls. I started talking to “whoever is fucking around with the fire truck” to push it when I said to prove their existence. (Yes I watch Ghost Hunters a bit too much.) But after I challenged the fire truck I looked over and The Boy is looking at me like I’m the one who is insane for talking to toys. Then Juanito put it away with the other toys and now the little fabric box that holds all the cars glows red and sirens wail from it. I was unpleasantly woken up this morning before my alarm clock because of another siren out in the living room. I'm waiting for Alfie to go ape shit on the toy but even the dogs are nonplussed about the sirens.  Apparently they are used to ghosts.

This is the same toy that The Boy took to bed one night and it started going off in the middle of the night. I swear to God that there is nothing as scary as noises coming through the baby monitor. It could be God himself telling me I won the Power Ball and I would still shit myself. I may or may not have hit Juanito to go up and get that damn fire truck away from The Boy. I did this because I was afraid it would wake him up. Nothing more than that. As far as anyone else is concerned.

Juanito has a friend who died a few years ago who was a firefighter. I talk to him (in my head) when it goes off because then it’s not as scary when its just Corey saying hi. Or at least that's what I tell myself.  Now, Juanito is gonna work nights again this week and that fucking fire truck is sleeping outside.  At the neighbor's house.

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