Monday, July 30, 2012

There's a party in my tummy!

I mentioned before that I kinda like the Olympics, so we hosted an Opening Ceremony Party. It was, well....

To begin with The Boy spent the day at his aunt's house with his cousins where he decided that a 45 minute nap (versus his hour and half nap) would suffice. By the time they made it to the house for the party he was well past dinner time and chugging cherry limeade (which he promptly spilled in the middle of the living room). Awesome. He was amped to like 50 mph and the decibel level was up there too. Add in two babies who are trying to walking, my nephew Cee and my niece Red and another kid and then the "adult supervision" of seven adults, some of which started drinking every time a country came around that we didn't know where it was....well needless to say it was a little, well, wild? Ya, wild is a good word.

So the menu was to be English-like. I had fish and chips with malted vinegar and even made Welsh Rarebit. (50% of the people liked it and 50% didn't and I believe those that liked it just said that to not hurt my feelings. Which they weren't.) My sister brought bread pudding made by Red and some other friends brought English beer and some brought English cheese. And another brought fruit salad in case everything went horribly wrong and at least we had fruit for everyone. With my left over 4th of July decorations we were quite festive. Oh I also raided the local Walmart (yes Walmart) for exotic candy. We had Cadburry which is HM Royal Chocolatier and Milktinis from Poland and Toblerone from Switzerland (not England or German which was the common misconception) and some pretty fucked chocolate from Venezuela. One was dark chocolate, chipotle and pop rocks which Juanito told someone later if was like eating chocolate that blew up in your brain and set your mouth on fire. I equated it to drinking whiskey only not as good. The other one was chocolate, chiles and cinnamon. I liked that one better in fact I want it with marshmallows. Everyone tried a little bit of everything, including Cee who is notorious for not eating, well everything.

Luckily The Boy went to bed a little late but successfully. There were questions about if he would actually go to sleep since there was a house full but he did it like a champ. Might help that he was probably exhausted and crashing from his sugar high.

We had so much fun that everyone said at the end that we should do the same for the Closing Ceremony too. But since that is on a Sunday night, right before school starts back up I don't see that happening. I wish I had photos to share but honestly probably wouldn't put them here without everyone's consent... Anyways I apparently don't have great geographical knowledge of Africa so my picture taking abilities may have diminished over the evening.

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