Thursday, July 26, 2012


I realized the other day while walking through the office that I have an internal dialogue constantly running.  Perhaps those of you who are more self-aware already knew that about yourself.  And maybe I've realized this about myself before and there are just times that it’s more prevalent.  And is that’s the case; I had one of those moments the other day.  I realized that I was telling, well, me about the barrette on the floor and the fear I have of opening the door to the hallway into someone’s face, specifically one of the vice presidents’ face.  Or, upon discovery that one of the stalls in the ladies’ room was “out of order” I discussed the assumption that someone flushed a feminine hygiene product down even though those super effective signs taped to the back side of the stall doors tell you not to.  I then countered back to, well, me, is this an indication that women are gross or that there are more women in the work force?  Speaking of, this is the first Olympics where there are more women on the US team than men.  The news report says that this statistic is a testament to Title IX (or something like that) that allowed women to compete in more events.  I think it just shows that US couples are adopting the unwanted Asian baby girls and they are kicking some Olympic ass.  (Mind you I don’t even know if there are adopted children on the team let alone Asian-Americans so don’t go quoting me).   These are the random blathering that I entertain myself with and apparently I’ve started sharing them with you.  Damn you're lucky.

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