Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My twit is broken

Perhaps I'm not using my twitter correctly.  That a common problem for most woman.  You just need to play with your Twitter until you get to know what works for you. 
But after some time I've decided that I don't like Twitter.  Its stupid.  I feel like either I'm standing here shouting out nonsense to no one or I'm being shouted at.  Its not fun.

Oh, and along this sweet little play on words I was doing up there I read this article on what people call their lady parts.  I have a variety of different names for my nether-regions. Wah-hyna which I use just any old time I feel like it, Cooter is typically used if I'm in mixed company because Republicans get all weird about the female anatomy and playground for when I am signaling if the bat cave is open for business.

What about you?

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