Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hills would have Eyes if there were any Hills.

So we're back from vacation.  I have a ton of pictures and stories to share but need to work it out with my therapist first before I share it all. 

Just kidding! Had a great wonderful time with the families of so many of my family's family. It was a a fan damn party!  We did a lot of driving, which is draining but I love love love a road trip. Granted this view sucks and it sucked for like 3 hours.  The Boy was fabulous except for the aforementioned 3 hours. I was in rare form, dodging emotional baggage landmines left and right.  But unfortunately there are always casualties. We brought home some misquito bites and lovely summer time colds. And on our first day back to work and daycare and our regular boring lives, Juanito and I both commented on how it was like our greatly anticipated trip never happened. 
 The Plains have a Toe, though.

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