Friday, July 27, 2012

Follow Up: Still Need Flame Thrower

So we attemtped the whole strip The Boy naked and hope for the best potty training technique last night. And this is how that went....

He came inside from playing in the sprinkler and Juanito went to change him out of his trunks while I'm following them through the house explaining this concept.  We decided to give a go.  I was still blabbering expressing my thoughts and concerns about letting a kid who can't control his bladder sit on my brand new couch when Juanito let him loose.  Balls and buns a swingin'  He prompty ran to the couch, climbed on with his entourage of blankets and stuff animals. I think I gave one last fretful sigh and we sat down to watch the evening news. 

Two minutes barely passed before he was up and wandering around.  Juanito asked what he wanted and I told him to be quiet cuz I wanted to see what he was gonna do with his new naked freedom.  Pretty soon The Boy with a diaper in one hand and his clothes in the other presented them to Juanito demanding to be dressed. 

Any other suggestions??

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