Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When is something vintage? Is it just a fancy way to say something is old? Or we don’t know what the real price is because we found it somewhere. Opposed to calling the purse “something that was on the floor of my closet under a diaper box filled with clothes I no longer fit in to” we call it vintage?
So I googled it….

And there were a ton of answers….First they looked at second hand vs vintage

Second hand is apparently lesser quality or used. Vintage is still high quality. The quilt my grandma made before she was married that is displayed in my bedroom is tattered and delicate (No touch!). And since its has passed from her to me it is technically second hand, but I think the age and quality of the stitches (by hand mind you) makes it vintage. But another person said vintage is older “the definition of vintage is something like, “anything from 20 or more years ago”

Holy shit I’m vintage and so are my dogs.

Another look is vintage vs retro

So according to a forum on retro is dressing to one specific era and vintage is dabbling a bit in various eras for an over look. And after reading some of the posts I wants to figure out how to do pin curls! But I think I need to cut my hair because I might have too much…I digress.

So apparently we can call anything that is from another era but you are working into a look now, vintage.

So these hounds tooth black and white pants I found at Goodwill that are from Penneny’s from like 1997? Vintage. And my watch from Target that’s probably a man’s watch and looks like my Dad’s watch from 1989 that he return an estimated three times in what could be considered receipt fraud? Vintage

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