Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's No Crying at Your Desk

So being a contractor (which is fancy talk for being a temp) isn't as glamorous as the 1099 forms make you think.  Its a whole lotta sit around and listen to people tell you how busy they are and that their shit is gonna overflow to you...soon.  But soon is apparently relative because I've been reading like every blog I can find. 

Here are some that I've enjoyed lately....
www.everywhereist.com/ (her humor is me!)
www.desmogblog.com/ (Love the earth but know the truth)
www.postsecret.com/ (hee hee love dirty little secrets!)
www.wouldashoulda.com (cried)
But while reading the Pioneer Women  here I found myself crying at my desk.  The flood gates had opened and there was no saving face because the IT guys behind me were already looking at me. 

Hey guys! Don't mind me...unless you have a tissue.  If they were cowboys they would understand.  

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