Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart you, now hire me

I am working again, well, at least making some money and contributing to the bank account again. But this is just a temporary job and I’m ready to be embedded in a team again. I want to have tasks and jobs and goals and end-products and to belong. I have this false sense of security that we can pay our bills again and I’m back into a routine, but I don’t belong yet. And I continue to apply for jobs. I continue to hunt out that employer who has an opening that I can fulfill as well as they can fulfill my needs.
Apparently I’m dating employers. Hey lookey there, I knew I would find a Valentine’s Day topic to write about. Also apparent, like any other girl in her mid-thirties, I wanna get married. So just like match.com, jewdate.com and eHarmony I am registered to careerbuilder.com, simplyhired.com and Monster looking for that certain special someone who will want me, need me, and dream about me every single night (nod to Enrique Igelsias whom I’m listening to right now).

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