Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Google the Shit Out of Everything

So the new job...excuse me, the temp job.  How's it going you ask?  Well, how nice of you to inquire. 

So where I was before was this huge, international organization.  They were ha-u-gha.  Big.  And they were international.  From the US of A to the EMEA to the APAC, ya you know me.  Like everywhere.  And they knew it.  Little too big for their britches.

From the moment you walked into the building there was a vibe in the air that made even the security guards, Beau and Mimi, seem threatening in their intimidating girth instead of a sad skit from SNL, the second half.  The grand travertine floors AND walls and glass doors and fancy chefs on site pulsed money and superiority.  And the A/C was literally the building looking down its nose at all who inhabited with a glacial stare.  But, while I was there I realized that really this stupid hoity toity company was just a red-headed step-child of a bigger more important company.  And this sad pathetic division had morphed from a slightly embarrassing mole to a malignant port wine stained tumor taking over the face of the entire organization.  And when tumors are encapsulated, what does the good doctor do?  Everyone?  CUT THAT SHIT OUT!  So, surprisingly the division was dumped. 

So why all the talk about the old company after starting with a new one?  Well, cuz they seem slightly, completely opposite.  Unassuming company presence from the get go.  A manager who seems pretty direct and to the point, my personal fave.  Then the first day they give me work.  ?? What's up with that?  You actually make your employees work?  Weird. 

And the work seems like it is totally over my head that I am googling the shit out of like 40% of the words I'm reading.   Because while I understand search engine optimization conceptually, how one uses a crawl test, link graphic analytics and content for lead gen on your landing page?????  Oh!  And you don't even want to get me started on convergence on an organic direct response campaign. 

Inhale.  Exhale.  Google.

On the upside.....I'm working.  I'm good stuff that applicable to the real world!  Oh and I'm earning!!  God I hope they don't realize how much I'm floundering and keep me until I can find my forever home.

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