Monday, February 27, 2012

So The Boy goes through these phases of doing silly little things that make or break me as a parent. When you first see him do it you’ll laugh and then you’ll think “where the hell did he learn that?” and eventually you’ll think I curse the day I first cracked a smile about this now STOP.
I think one of the first things he did was he would squish up his eyes when he smiled. But he would smile, normal smile and then squish the eyes. If Tyra Banks was around he might say he was smiling with his eyes and send in the Jays. I have a very distinctive trait from my Dad’s side of the family which is when we smile our eyes squint and you can’t see our eyeballs at all. I’m not talking like you can’t see the whites of our eyes. Its like we didn’t want to see you when we smiled so we just squeezed our eyes shut. It’s called affectionately the Squint. My husband has mentioned a time or two that you could blind fold me with dental floss. My sister and I have it. It is present in many of our cousins and their children have it. So when The Boy first started doing this I wasn’t sure if this was the evolution of his Squint or what it was. But then I figured out it was his way of mimicking (read mock) my Squint. Little shit, quit acting like your mom.

Another thing that is fading out is what we call the Vanna White. He will find something, IE his blanket, and fling both arms to one side with his fingers pressed together, palms facing up presenting his finding to his audience with a surprised gasp. Even a sound that sounds like "tada!" He will repeat this "gasp" until you acknowledge what he has presented. Its not as if we were searching in exhaust for said item. And it could be a simple as a leaf on the floor. "Tada! I present to you my worthy audience, FOLIAGE!" He is a showman, much like his father.
Lately he has taken to shrugging his shoulder up and down in a “Dunno” fashion. Sometimes it’s just once or twice. And at times, it is perfectly place in our attempt at a conversation. I’ll ask him where his juice cup is and he’ll shrug his shoulders up and down because really he doesn’t remember nor care unless he is thirsty and right now not so much, so dunno. He has even incorporated this movement when being scolded. When I catch him doing something he should do, I’ll say his name in a manner that only a mother can, prolonging all syllables of his name raising the pitch of the last one as if it’s a question but we all know that its rhetorical. And he’ll look at me, holding the plastic golf club a few inches about the basset hound and with wide eyes, shrug the shoulders as if he can’t fathom why I would use such a tone when he was merely petting the dog with the club because that’s how the dog prefers to receive his affection.

Other times he’ll do it so quick and repetitively that it’s almost a dance. So I’ll ask him if he pooped and he’ll bop his shoulders up and down, wiggle a little bit, smile at me and then squint at me and laugh.
So, is that a yes?

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