Friday, April 5, 2013

The Long Story

So back in January we started the break after finishing our last cycle of Clomid without success.  At the time my doctor wanted me to start taking progesterone in order to maintain the appearance of a cycle.  Essentially I was supposed to take progesterone during the days of my "cycle" when a normal woman's body would produce it on its own.  This would promote a period and would be safe if I got pregnant. 
With The Boy we had maxed out the number of cycles my OB/GYN at the time was willing to do and we had selected a reproductive endocrinologist.  We were to take a cycle off to clear my system of any clomid and then we were going in for what they called Super Ovulation.  I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a cape had we made it.  When I tested as a formality that time I was shocked to be pregnant.  The theory is that there was enough Clomid in my system to make me ovulate one last time and we got lucky.  Very lucky.  My hope was to repeat that luck again this time.

Sure enough, I ovulated the cycle after the Clomid and our timing was perfect.  I was very hopeful.  When I didn't start a period and had this major cramping and super sore boobs I was positive that I was positive.  I took three tests and they were all negative. It was such a crushing blow when I called the doctor and they told me to just continue the progesterone course.  They didn't even want me to come in for labs.  The cramping and sore boobs I attributed to the progesterone.  I was hardcore with the working out and watching what I was eating and I wasn't loosing weight.  I was bloated and hating myself.  I attributed this all to the progesterone and swore that I would not do it again.  I told Juanito, when this doesn't work again I not doing that shit again. 

I had to arbitriarally pick a date for a new cycle and to take the stupid progesterone again.  And then count out the days to when my period was supposed to make an appearance.  Shockingly it didn't, as I expected.  I didn't buy a test for a few days.  When I finally did, I made the point of opening the packed on a Saturday night and leaving the test on the edge of the tub by the toliet.  You're supposed to test first thing in the morning and nothing sucks more than having to pee so bad you can't see straight and fighting with celophane wrapping. 

About 4 am Sunday morning I awoke to The Boy crying for Daddy.  I went upstairs to find that he was sick all over his pajamas and his bed.  I washed him and Juanito stripped the bed.  Once everyone was washed and dressed and snuggled into Mom and Dad's bed I figured I would go pee while I was up.  Happy that I prepared the test because I really had to go.  I peed on the stick and then sat there waiting.  It was an electronic test and I was a little impatient watching the little clock blink on the screen.  I pulled out the instructions to see how long I was going to sit on the potty waiting.  The instructions said three minutes.  I looked at the screen again and it said "Yes" and my first thought was "Yes what?"   Then it clicked and I got off the potty, pulled up my underwear and bum-rushed Juanito.  I thrusted the test in his face and it took a moment for him to focus on it and to realize what it meant.  Needless to say we didn't fall back asleep after that. 

I called the doctor's office and his nurse was very cautious and told me to come in for a baseline test and 24 hours later I would come back in for another test to see if my numbers were doubling.  I was pretty convinced that I was way further along than that so I asked. What do my numbers need to be in order to just go to a doctor's appointment.  She said you need to be at least 2,000.  When she called the day after the blood work she told me to schedule an appointment because my test was 5,200. 
Next step was an ultrasound to see how far along I was.  I was betting around 9 weeks since my last period was mid-January.  When I went in for the ultrasound the tech was a little confused why I was going in this order so I gave some back history.  I said that I guessed we're jsut trying to see how far along I am.  So she started measuring my ovaries and uterus and stuff.  It wasn't what I expected to see.  It was just a blob with a flicker.  (When I did an ultrsound with The Boy it was just a blob.)  She confirmed that I was 7 weeks along (Due 11/10) and that flicker was indeed the heart beat. 

That is the long story on how we began journey number two!

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