Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding our way and our faith

Schmacey's daughter will receive her First Holy Communion this Sunday.  Being that I'm not Catholic nor have I been confirmed, the whole experience is lost on me.  Instead I'm hung up on if the word "first" should be capitalized.  Schmacey has asked that those around her daughter write letters to her about this accomplishment.  I asked for help on the letter.  I love the idea of her parents reading the letters to her before her confirmation and I totally want to write a letter.  I asked for help and Schmacey said that it didn't matter if I was Methodist or Catholic but just to write a letter. 

The problem is I don't understand it all.

My mom was raised in a religious household by people who were raised by super-religious people.  Every generation the religion has lessened I guess you could say.  When I was little and we lived in Nebraska, we were active in one of the three churches in a very small town.  My aunt played the piano for the choir.  My mom taught Sunday school for a short while.  Norma Rae and I went to Vacation Bible School during the summer.  My dad went on special occasions only (somethings don't change).  AJ was put in the confirmation classes and took her first First Communion (is it still Holy in the Methodist church?).  I remember her dress and the party afterwards at our house.  Lots of family around and cake, of course I remember the cake. 

We moved a few years later and when we moved to Phoenix, my mom became a different mom.  Not better or worse, but just different.  The mom that AJ had is different than the one I had.  I did not play tennis and travel around the state for tournaments.  Any sports I played I enrolled myself into.  I wasn't in extra curricular activities like FFA (Future Farmers of America) where I got to show a horse.  I was on the yearbook (a class) in high school.  My parents worked full-time and weekends and I guess this made our lives different. 

I was raised to believe that religion is a private matter between you and who ever you chose to believe in.  I could not judge others for their beliefs and if I shut up no one will know what I believe in order to judge me.  Its a great theme to life.  So I was brought up with religion in our house hold, grace at every meal, the Doxology at special events, the nativity at Christmas was set up with great care and in a place of honor, hymn were sung, crosses were displayed on the walls, our Christian beliefs were passed on.  I want this for The Boy and the coming baby, but more.  I want what AJ had and what Schmacey's daughter is getting. The whole religious education with the fun and the not-so-fun.  But I don't want to speak in tongues or play with snakes or denounce my gay friends.  I also want Juanito to be on board with everything and he has a whole new bag of religious crap to deal with too. 

Anyways...raising kids is hard sometimes.  There are so many things that you have to figure out and you have to be the strong unwaivering one so that they feel confident.  Maybe this is why we need religion??

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